Gaolbirds Bookworms Kick Off Book Club

September saw the inaugural meeting of the Bodmin Gaolbirds WI Book Club. 

In order to keep to the Rule of 6 and social distancing, the group met at The Callywith in Bodmin.

Due to some of the invited members being vulnerable, the first meeting saw just three members attending.  However they were determined to get the Book Club off the ground, no matter the numbers!

The first book selected was The Salt Path by Raynor Wynn, which gave the members good discussion points. Did they empathise with the author and understand her decision to walk 630 miles with her husband who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness? It certainly gave the women food for thought regarding the plight of homeless people. They discussed the food the book’s characters ate en route and wondered how they managed with limited funds available. The members thought about their own life-changing moments, and how they would feel if they lost everything.

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