When You Most Need Your WI Friends …

Penpol & Point WI President Helen Gaches recently broke her foot. She would like to share the following in gratitude to all of her WI friends:

When you most need your WI friends …

When you’re out on a walk and break your foot – they’re the ones who’ll get help and stay with you all day while you get fixed up.

When you live alone  – but you’re not alone because someone will phone you every day to see what you need.

When you’re now in the downstairs bedroom but you’ve got no clothes – they’ll go upstairs and find some.

When you’ve ordered a daily newspaper and realise as it comes through the front door that you can’t get there – they’ll fetch it for you.

When the view out of your window is getting boring because your bird feeders are empty – they’ll fill them up again, and deadhead your dahlias while they’re at it.

When you can’t drive to get your pizza – they will, and stay and eat it with you.

When you’ve had to cancel your hair appointment – they’ll come and give you a home cut.

When you really need a good friend – they are there for you.

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