Here we go again…

Once again, we find ourselves in lockdown.

The office at Chy Noweth is now closed, with staff members working from home. Post and emails are being monitored, so please don’t feel you can’t get in touch if you need to. And, of course, the Board of Trustees continues to meet regularly via Zoom, as do our Advisers and many of our sub-committees.

As per the NFWI website: “There are no exceptions [to lockdown rules] for WI meetings. Sadly this means all face-to-face, physical meetings are suspended.”

However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still things you can keep doing to keep your members engaged, entertained and interested. MyWI had a great article recently about things WIs can do now.

  • Use the money saved from not holding physical meetings to buy a small craft project for each member. This can be the yarn and pattern for a crochet or knitting project, a blank canvas, brush and basic paint set with instructions to “paint your feelings” or “represent friendship”. The aim is not to feel pressure to produce a great work of art, just to have fun with colour and paint. You can then all bring your paintings or completed craft projects to a future meeting for an exhibition or a “Show-and-Tell”, or all post photographs of the projects to your WI’s website or Facebook page.
  • Arrange a ring-round: starting with the President, give a member a call and ask how they are. The person called is then given a name to call next (please call within three days).
  • Hold a Zoom catch up. There is guidance available about how to get going on Zoom. Give it a try. If you need further help, please contact the Membership and Engagement Team at
  • Register for a Denman talk, have a Zoom tea and chat scheduled immediately afterwards to discuss with fellow members.

Although these are difficult times for everyone, the key is to focus on what we can do, rather than what we can’t do! And, as always, please email stories and images of what you’ve been up to to

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