Information re 2024/25 WI Subscriptions

NFWI has sent out some important information regarding upcoming WI subscriptions. This was sent to all WI Treasurers, but it’s important reading for all members.

Please see the letter from NFWI Honorary Treasurer Jeryl Stone here.

As Jeryl says:

Financial matters continue to be at the forefront of our minds as the cost-of-living crisis shows little sign of easing. Inflation remains high at 6.7% and the Bank of England interest rates remain high, although unchanged, at 5.25%. As part of the NFWI Board, and as Honorary Treasurer, my role includes helping the Board to reach financial decisions that serve the interests of members now and in the future. This is never an easy task, and it continues to be complex.

To ensure that the finances of our individual charities remain strong in the face of the economic challenges in front of us, we ask for your support over the coming years as we do this. We must always keep one eye on the future of our national charity, federations and WIs, to ensure we pass on a strong and financially sound organisation they would be proud for the next generation of members.

Based on the various economic challenges all our charities are facing, and the less-than inflationary increases to membership fees in recent years, I am afraid that we are unsurprisingly in a position where we must increase membership fees for the coming membership year. However, we have worked hard to ensure that this increase is well below inflation.

2024/25 Subscriptions

Each WI Member pays a subscription fee for her membership. Subscriptions rates are set by the NFWI Board of Trustees, after consulting the National Council. WIs now have the flexibility each year to decide whether to either waive their portion of the subscription fee, reduce it slightly, or keep it the same. Click here to find out more about the flexibility initiative.

Pro-rata Subscriptions for New Members in Their First Year

New members joining the WI from April 2024 for the first time, or who have not been members of any WI in the past year, will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join. The rate per quarter and the distribution are shown in the following table.

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