Join in Second-Hand September!

You may have read about Second Hand September in the issue of WI Life that popped through your letterbox this week. There is an article about members who shop pre-loved and vintage, women who upcycle and recycle, who work in charity retail and fight the good fight against fast fashion. All while looking fabulous…

Second Hand September is an Oxfam initiative that has been going since 2019, encouraging people to shop second hand and donate, re-use, re-wear and re-style during Second Hand September – and beyond!

When you shop and donate second hand, you reduce waste, take a stance against climate change, and help create a fairer world.

CFWI Chair Helen Kestle said, “Nearly everything I wear is second hand. If you come to our Annual Council Meeting at the Hall for Cornwall next month, you can be sure the dress I’ll be wearing on stage is second hand!”

Why not join Helen and lots of other WI members and make a pledge to buy second hand whenever possible?

There are so many options for buying second hand. Visit your local charity shops, or hop online and use eBay, Vinted or any number of other online shops. Oxfam also has its own online shop selling lots of beautiful second hand clothes.

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