Lockdown Inspiration from Mermaids: Mylor & Flushing WI Member

During the first lockdown, Mermaid Val Jeans-Jakobsson set herself the target of putting together the children’s poems that she had written over the years for her grandchildren and for the educational publisher Scholastic, who used quite a bit of her work for their magazine publications during her long career as a primary school teacher. The end result of her writing target was a little book which she published so that she could give each of her nine grandchildren a copy. It’s called Up the Ladder and is now available on Amazon.

All the Mermaids are extremely proud of their very own poet!

And what a great Christmas present idea for the little ones in your life.

Now, as the winter approaches with further restrictions, Val is embarking on a new writing challenge for Mermaids: Mylor & Flushing WI. She has offered to write rhymes and poems for named children connected to members between the ages of four and 10, and themed to their individual special interests. Her poems are often funny and generally light-hearted. It is hoped that the poems will form a collection the Mermaids can print and sell for WI funds.

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