Poems for Children from a Mermaid Poet

Mermaids: Mylor and Flushing WI is pleased to report that their resident poet, Val Jeans-Jakobsson, who has been featured before, has produced her latest lockdown project which is a booklet entitled Three Little Elephants.

Val is selling the booklet in aid of Penhaligon’s Friends, a Cornish charity supporting bereaved children, young people, parents and carers throughout the county.

The booklet contains poems written especially for children with ages ranging from 1 1/2 years to 10 years old who have been nominated by Mylor’s WI members. The poems reflect each child’s special interests, and are perfect for older children to read themselves. The booklet has been delightfully illustrated by Nicola Moss, a local artist whom may become a new member of Mermaids: Mylor and Flushing WI!

The booklets are available in the Flushing shop and Mylor Post Office, or by contacting Penhaligon’s Friends to obtain a posted copy.

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