Mawnan WI’s Poet Laureate

Irene Freeman, Mawnan WI

Irene Freeman, a member of Mawnan WI, wrote this poem about what her fellow WI members have been experiencing during lockdown. It’s great, isn’t it?

Do we have any other poets out there? If so, send your verses to, please


The WI’s in lockdown, whatever will we do?
We’re used to having meetings, with friends both old and new.

Everything’s been cancelled, we have to stay inside.
We’ll have to find some other ways to keep us occupied.

We’ve emptied out our cupboards of all our bric-a-brac,
But the charity shop’s not open, so we’ve had to put it back.

We’ve kept ourselves quite busy, baking cakes galore,
By the time we finish eating, we won’t fit through the door.

The ‘Munchers’ are not merry ‘cos the restaurants are closed.
They’ll have to make their own lunch now, and dinner, I suppose!

We have to take some exercise to try and keep us fit,
So it’s yoga in pyjamas or a session with Joe Wicks.

We go out for our daily walk to see some friendly faces.
It’s hard to have a little talk when you’re standing back six paces.

Our netball has a WhatsApp group that makes us laugh each day
With funny jokes and anecdotes, some of which are quite risqué!

Thank goodness for technology and the super power of Zoom,
But everyone that you can see is also in your room.

We carry on as best we can, doing things we’d planned
With virtual flower arrangements using what we have to hand.

The ‘Get Creative’ challenge had our crafting ladies hunting
For anything that they could find to make some superb bunting.

We hoped to walk a hundred miles for our centenary
Ending back at Trebah for some cake and cups of tea.

But the ladies walked 500 miles, and then 500 more
A thousand miles, and four, two, six was the final score! (1,426)

However, when the lockdown’s lifted, how happy we will be
To step back in the world again (well, Cornwall) to see friends and family!

– Irene Freeman, May 2020

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