Lost and Found in Perranarworthal

Perranarworthal WI’s beautifully restored ‘lost and found’ banner

At the beginning of last September, Perranarworthal WI members decided to check on their banner ready for the Centenary Service at Truro Cathedral. It could not be found anywhere – cupboards were searched and memories dredged, but with no success. Although the members knew a new banner couldn’t be made in time for the service, a small group rallied round to make one, and funds were raised to purchase whatever materials might be needed. Perranarworthal’s President had a very helpful chat with the President of Cusgarne and Frogpool WI, their near neighbours, as they had recently made a new banner. It was to be a spring project.

Then the world changed: The lockdown started and members began doing those jobs they had been putting off for years – kitchen cupboards were reorganised and garages cleared out. From the dusty depths of a garage loft, the lost original banner made an appearance! Even the stand and carrying pole were there. After the moths had been released and the banner had had an airing outside for several days, it was considered fit to be repaired. Some careful restoration later the banner is back to its former glory depicting St Piran on his millstone crossing the Irish Sea. The women of Perranarworthal are so pleased that the work of their members several years ago can now be displayed with pride.

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