Meet Cathy Smith of Forest for Cornwall

You may have seen the article about Forest for Cornwall (F4C) which appeared in our March County News. The article gives information about the F4C target of planting trees on 8,000 hectares of Cornish land by 2030, and how WI members can get involved in helping to cherish and maintain this forest of young trees, already totalling 450,000.

Cathy Smith, pictured here, joined the F4C team two years ago, and is responsible for supporting communities and organisations who may want to develop their own tree planting projects in their local areas. She is an experienced project coordinator, and uses many different skills to help the people of Cornwall achieve their tree planting ambitions.

Cathy joined Beaches and Cream Newquay WI in 2021, after returning to Cornwall, as a way of meeting new people and being reacquainted with the different activities in the area. She’s been getting involved in various Beaches and Cream sub-groups, such as sea swimming, netball and the book club.

There is so much that WI members can do, and it’s lovely to know that F4C includes a WI member!

Do find out more in County News or on the F4C website, or visit the F4C exhibition at Heartlands.

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