New Online CFWI Event: Painting with Karen!

Please join us for a jolly Christmas-themed painting workshop with art educator Karen Bessell on Wednesday 2nd December at 11am.

Karen, who runs UCreateArtAtHome, has been teaching art for years, but has taken her business online in 2020. She lives in Brisbane, but is Cornish and is a former member of Bodmin Gaolbirds WI. Karen’s workshops and courses get rave reviews, so we’re all in for a real treat!

Some of you will already have participated in Karen’s fabulous workshops as part of our Connect Cornwall series earlier in the year. If so, you’ll know how much fun she is! Not just that, but she’s also a brilliant teacher so you’re sure to come away with a festive masterpiece.

Karen says that you don’t need anything special. Just something to create on and something to create with. Karen will be painting with acrylics, but you can use acrylics, watercolours, drawing pencils or felt tip pens. You can paint on canvas, paper, cardboard, or whatever you have. The important thing is that you are connecting, creating and having fun!

Why not make it special? Put some carols on in the background, treat yourself to a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake … or perhaps even a sneaky sherry!

The workshop will be held on Zoom. Tickets are £5 and you can book and pay for your ticket by contacting CFWI on (01872) 272843 or

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