New WI Constitutions

In the June issue of County News, we mistakenly wrote that WIs would receive a printed copy of the new 2021 WI Constitution. WIs have not been sent copies of the Constitution.

According to NFWI, “Constitutions have been uploaded to MyWI and as they do not need to be kept (or signed) physically there is no expectation of them being printed out. Instead we encourage all levels of the organisation to store them electronically.”

So please download the new Constitution, which you can find on MyWI, and make sure your WI Officers store it safely on their computers or laptops.

You are, of course,  free to print out a copy for yourselves if you choose to. You may also obtain a printed copy of the Constitution from the CFWI office for a small charge to cover printing and postage.

We apologise for the confusion!

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