New WI Fundraising Guidelines Released

We are pleased to announce that NFWI has undertaken a formal review of the WI fundraising policy, and are giving WIs more flexibility to raise money for the charities that are important to them. This is in line with NFWI’s strategic commitment to being more flexible and removing unnecessary rules for WIs.

We all know that this is an area of WI activity which is important to our members and where they would like to see a relaxation of the organisation’s long-standing fundraising approach. This was particularly apparent this year with the Ukrainian crisis, which demonstrated that many WIs are keen to have more freedom to support international fundraising.

The revised policy opens opportunities for members to make their own decisions about the charities they support, in line with the organisation’s charitable objects, including support for national and international charities. It is hoped that this change will be welcomed by our WIs and help enhance the good we can all do across the organisation, supporting national and international causes. Please note that any charities supported by WIs, whether local, national or international, must still fit with the WI’s charitable objects.

The full announcement about this change, as well as further information about how your WI can fundraise, is available on MyWI.

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