Porthleven WI Links with New Zealand!

There was great excitement on Wednesday when Porthleven WI opened a parcel they received from New Zealand.

Last year, during a visit to Kresen Kernow, Porthleven WI members learned that they had previously been twinned with a WI in New Zealand, but the two groups had lost contact over the years.

Committee member Karen decided to re-establish the link and wrote to the New Zealand Federation of Women’s Institutes. She learnt that the original WI had closed but some of the members had transferred to another one. She wrote to them and was thrilled to receive a reply.

At Christmas, a box of goodies arrived from New Zealand and this was opened at the January meeting. It contained a Christmas card and personal message to Karen and the WI along with a calendar, WI recipes and other goodies.

Porthleven WI President Wendy thanked Karen very much for her hard work and research.

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