Resolution Shortlist Selection Resources

In the November/December issue of WI Life which landed with members last week, you will find information about the five shortlisted resolutions for 2021/2022 which will now be taken forward for further debate and voting by members!

The shortlisted resolutions are:
1. Fit for Purpose – Fit for Girls
2. Appropriate Sentencing of Non-Violent Women Offenders
3. Equality in Law for the Menopause
4. Women and Girls with ASD and ADHD Under-Identified, Under-Diagnosed and Under-Supported
5. Tackling Digital Exclusion

What happens now?

You now have the opportunity to cast your individual selection on the resolution you support the most. Your WI is encouraged to hold a meeting to provide members with the opportunity to discuss and learn more about each resolution. However, if this is not possible members can research the issues themselves and make their selection.

The deadline for members’ selections to reach their federations is 14 February 2022.

You can find a number of resources for each shortlisted resolution on our website.
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