Resolutions Short List Voting

Did you vote for one of the short-listed resolutions in the November/December issue of WI Life? If you did, thank you! 

Below is a table showing the results of all the votes cast by WI members in the Cornwall Federation:

As you can see, we cast the most votes for the ‘Plastic Soup’ resolution, followed by the ‘Alleviating Loneliness’ resolution. We now wait to hear from NFWI after they tabulate the results from the entire country. They will then let us know which resolution(s) will be going forward to be discussed at Spring Countdown and at our May resolutions meetings.

Stay tuned!

(As you can also see in the table, only 983 votes were cast. Given that we have over 3,800 WI members in Cornwall, that’s a bit embarrassing. Let’s all do better next year!)

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