Resolutions Results 2019

This year we had the highest number of votes for resolutions since the individual selection process was introduced, with over 105,000 selections cast by members. The results of the 2019 resolution shortlist selection process are: 2019 resolutions Selections Improving plant biosecurity 13,010 Trees – improving the natural landscape 18,959 Pelvic floor education 8,401 Suffering in […]

Resolutions Short List Voting

Did you vote for one of the short-listed resolutions in the November/December issue of WI Life? If you did, thank you!  Below is a table showing the results of all the votes cast by WI members in the Cornwall Federation: As you can see, we cast the most votes for the ‘Plastic Soup’ resolution, followed […]

2016/17 Resolutions Short List

Have you taken the time to consider this year’s six short-listed resolutions? You only have until the end of January to make sure your voice is heard! The November/December issue of WI Life contained summaries of each of the resolutions. In case you’ve misplaced your magazine in the frenzy of Christmas, here are some links […]