See What’s Cooking at Grampound WI

A delicious array of marmalades, made by members of Grampound WI’s Cookery Club

A year ago, Grampound WI started its Cookery Club and the group has grown in knowledge, friendship and culinary skills. Of course, they have had the odd lack of success but such a lot of fun and laughter has been made. Each month a group task is set – sometimes they all make the same thing (such as marmalade month in January) and other times they each bring along something different. At Christmas the members each produced a favourite family culinary tradition and they all shared a family story. This provided some interesting tales of how things start and carry on in families.

The group wishes they could have shared their marmalade with Paddington Bear. He would have been in culinary heaven as everyone’s efforts were delicious and yet all so different. All the members explain the recipes they’ve used, any difficulties they may have experienced and of course ‘Tips and Tricks’ discovered along the way.

A current plan is to make Easter items for the next gathering and the members are encouraged to try and make something that they may never have tried before. When bread making, there were members who had never tried baking bread before and who were delighted with the outcomes. Confidence is definitely rising! A future plan is to invite a local chef to give a demonstration.

If your WI has a unique sub-group or club, please tell us about it!

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