Showing the Love on the Isles of Scilly

Some of the ‘Show the Love’ pebbles painted by members of St Mary’s IOS WI

Members of  St Mary’s Isles of Scilly WI recently collected and painted a selection of beach pebbles (using water based paint), stuck a sticker underneath each with our WI name added, and gave them to all members and visitors at our February meeting.

People have since placed them anywhere they liked to call attention to the beautiful places we love and wish to protect against the harm caused by climate change. An announcement was placed on social media and spread by word of mouth to let islanders know why the green heart pebbles have appeared. They are encouraged to take them if they wish, reposition in a new place or take home to show others and hopefully start a conversation.

Anyone who is not keen on this form of art in nature can remove the pebble to keep indoors as a paperweight or ornament. Some local children have already found, moved and talked about their green heart stone.

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