‘Speak Up’ Week of Action, 1-9 July

The week of 1st through 9th July has been designated as the WI’s ‘Speak Up’ week of action. After last week’s general election, you all know who your MPs are, so now is the perfect chance to get in touch with them. The Week of Action gives us a chance to make climate change one of the first things newly elected MPs talk to their constituents about.

You might choose to do something as simple as writing a letter. Writing a letter only takes a short amount of your time but it ensures that the people who make decisions on your behalf, every day, know how you want to be represented. Why not write one from all the members of your WI together?

Or you could organise a coffee morning or other event, inviting your local MP, and opening a good dialogue with him or her.

Or why not send a green heart to your MP? That’s what Barry WI in the Glamorgan Federation did last year, and their MP Alun Cairns was so impressed that he came out in person to thank them!

You can find contact details for your MP by clicking here and entering your postcode.

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  1. It’s a great idea to write a letter to your MP during the Week of Action. You can point out that action on climate change is a key campaigning issue for the WI nationally, and also stress that Cornwall offers the potential for producing renewable energy from wind, wave, sunshine and geothermal heat, and ask them to press the Government to support these industries rather than subsidising fossil fuels or nuclear power. In addition, much of the housing stock in Cornwall is damp and poorly insulated, and concerted action on boosting energy efficiency would improve many people’s health and quality of life, whilst reducing carbon emissions. Most of our Cornwall MPs are already keen to promote these ideas, and hearing from us will only help to strengthen their hand.

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