Trevone WI Participates in ‘No Mow May’

In early spring, Trevone WI decided to join the ‘No Mow May’ campaign that called on garden owners and green space managers not to mow during the month of May, so that the wildflowers and plants could grow freely, therefore providing an area for nature to thrive.

Trevone WI owns a hall with a large grassy area in the front, so this seemed a perfect opportunity to support the environmental initiative and provide a haven for bees, other pollinators and wildlife. So, the grass was left to grow in front of the hall and, blessed with the spring sunshine, the members were rewarded with a wonderful display of wildflowers including oxeye daisies, bird’s foot trefoil, poppies, cowslips, meadow buttercups and valerian, as well as an increase in insect life. This beautiful sight  has given much pleasure to all who have passed by and has been painted by the local Art Group.

Now that it’s June, Trevone WI members will have an opportunity to design and shape the wildflower area. This will help common low-growing wildflowers to regrow and flower throughout the summer before the grass has to be cut back in due course.

It has been such a success that it would seem Trevone WI’s ‘No Mow May’ will be an annual event from now on.

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  1. Great idea. The late trimming/cutting of areas is certainly showing the benefit again this year and very much enjoyed. Keep up the good work!

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