Where’s WInnie?

To honour The Queen’s longstanding relationship with the WI, and as President of Sandringham WI, Norfolk Federation, WI members are being asked to knit a corgi named WInnie and hide her in their local community as a fun surprise for others to find and keep.

Members are encouraged to make as many WInnies as they wish and leave them in parks; on walking trails; in community centres, meeting halls or libraries; on bridges, benches or beaches… anywhere that can pay the WI love forward and cheer up someone’s day. The lucky recipients will be able to log their find and a picture on an interactive map on the WI homepage, which will go live from 1 May.

You can find the pattern to knit your own WInnie(s) in the next issue of WI Life, or download it here.

Members of the public will also be encouraged to hunt for a very special version of WInnie which will be hidden in a secret location somewhere in England or Wales. This special WInnie has been produced by WInnie creator Hannah Joyce of Woolwich and Plumstead Roses WI.

A few notes to consider…

  • WInnie has been created with sustainability in mind; members are encouraged to use up their yarn/fabric stash and other recycled materials to make their corgis.
  • All corgis produced must have a tag (see attached), this can be attached to the corgi in any way. Makers can adapt the back of the tag to include a personal message or direct finders to their WI web or facebook page.
  • Corgis need to be created and ready to hide from the 1 May 2022.
  • Members are encouraged to be as creative as they wish, however if the pattern is adapted, including use of different colours wools, please ensure that the tag is securely attached so that finders can be sure they have found a WI WInnie.
  • Please think ahead when planning where to hide your corgi; you may want to ensure the hiding place is well covered from the weather, or off the ground in case it’s found by a fellow pooch – the more unusual and unexpected places the better!
  • WIs are encouraged to think of ways to engage with the community and utilise this opportunity to promote the work of the WI and membership opportunities. Please consider those who may not be able to go out and ‘seek’ but may wish to be gifted a corgi; leaving a corgi on someone’s doorstep can be a simple way of extending the hand of friendship and making others feel included and thought of.
  • This activity is open to all members of the WI; some may wish to knit; some may prefer to print and attach labels and others may be happier to hide the corgis; members are asked to work together and ensure that all feel included in this activity.
  • Members are welcome to hunt for hidden corgis, including the special corgi (being produced by the creator, Hannah Joyce).
  • Please ensure that any local media interest or coverage around this activity is directed to the NFWI PR Team at pr@nfwi.org.uk.

Join the creator of WInnie, Hannah Joyce, at a special knit-along session on Saturday 23 April 2022 at 10am. Please do not worry if you are unable to make it, the session will be recorded and sent to all those who have registered to attend, plus it will be available to watch on My WI from Monday 25th April 2022.

Please register in advance for this session at:


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