WI Learning Hub to Launch on 24 January!

We have received big news from NFWI about the opening on Wednesday 24 January 2024 of the WI Learning Hub!

The WI Learning Hub is the exciting next step on the WI’s educational journey and will deliver a rich variety of learning experiences for members, bringing together a joined-up feel to education across the WI. By recognizing the continual changes that we all face; the Hub will take users on a learning journey that is accessible, flexible and inclusive, and empower all women and girls to reach their goals, regardless of their learning adventure. 
Courses will be delivered in a range of formats; there will be live courses and pre-recorded courses, meaning members will be able to access and watch at their leisure. Members will be able to access downloadable and printable resources and there’s bound to be a few quizzes or competitions for members to flex their competitive streak! 
Members will be able to access a variety of free courses, however there will be a small number of courses delivered that will incur a charge – where this happens, NFWI will ensure costs are kept to an absolute minimum for members. 
Ahead of 24 January, you can read more about the Learning Hub and download a how-to guide.
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