World Kindness Day

As you know, this year the WI voted overwhelmingly to support the resolution to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, so we can better identify lonely people – and simply help them be less lonely.

November 13th is World Kindness Day. We are very good at kindness in the WI! And we are very good at helping alleviate loneliness – which would affect many many of us without our wonderful Institutes. So why not get your WI involved in World Kindness Day? Some ideas are:

  • Every member could make a pledge to do something kind for someone else on that day to show you care. Just the offer of a cuppa, or paying a compliment, or volunteering for something will do just fine. Or even hold a kindness pledge event at your WI – there is a bunting template in the national campaign action pack, which you can fill in with your acts of kindness. And send the pictures to County and to National! Our own County News and the NFWI’s WI Life are always looking for good photos and stories to share.
  • Show your solidarity with people who are lonely and help raise awareness by linking arms or holding hands with members of your WI. Why not do it an open place – like a coffee shop or library? And take pictures!
  • Tell the public affairs team at NFWI what you have planned. Contact Promote your event by inviting your local press. There is a template for a press release and lots of other information on the Link Together page of the NFWI website.
  • Don’t forget to tell CFWI what you are doing too! We want your story and pics on our website and on Facebook too!



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