A Midsummer Evening Walk for Zennor WI

On 21 June, members of Zennor WI embarked on an evening walk up the Foage Valley (opposite the bus stop in Zennor) and onto Zennor hill, led by local naturalist Liz Thompson. Liz showed the group how to identify a wide variety of flowers, grasses and birds, often using her enviable skill of recognising birds from their song. Birds heard or seen included blackcaps, willow warblers, chiffchaffs (they really do go “chiff chaff”) and whitethroats. Flowering grasses have wonderful names such as Yorkshire fog, sweet vernal grass and bent, and amongst the many flowers the members saw were yellow bartsia, marsh thistle and prickly sow thistle, heath bedstraw and germander speedwell.

Liz, leading the walk, startled a roe deer amongst the bracken which quickly fled.

After two hours of pleasant walking in the long summer evening, they arrived at Zennor WI member Wyn’s house for tea, cake and a spectacular Zennor sunset as seen from her sitting room. Altogether, it was a very memorable evening.

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