New Revised WI Handbook for 2022

NFWI has made some revisions to the WI Handbook. These changes have been made in response to member feedback and it is hoped that they will make the handbook more user-friendly.

The handbook can be found on MyWI or under ‘Other Useful Links’ on the CFWI website.

The changes made to the Handbook are as follows:

  • Section 1: The number of WIs has been reduced from 6,000 to 5,500.
  • Section 11.1: It has been made clear that bye-laws do not have to reviewed annually but that this is recommended.
  • Section 11.2: The content on enlargements has been edited.
  • Section 12.1: The HR team description has been updated.
  • Section 12.2: The office location of WIE has been added (London) and their email address has been added in.
  • Section 12.3: The NFWI Centre name has been updated to Education and Training and their contact information updated.
  • Section 12.5: Denman’s contact information has been updated.
  • Section 12.6: It has been made clear the NFWI Board of Trustees are not elected at the Annual Meeting.
  • Section 12.8: The section has been edited to provide further information.
  • Section 12.10: The NFWI Charter and the NFWI Code of Conduct have been added.
  • The Glossary: The National Council section has been updated.
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