NFWI Annual Meeting 2024: Will You be a Delegate?

NFWI Annual Meeting 2015 at the Royal Albert Hall, London (Credit: Andy Lane)

By now, all WI Secretaries will have received printed information about the 2024 NFWI Annual Meeting to be held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on 5 June 2024.

If your WI is scheduled to send a delegate this time, please do take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and put your name forward!

The Annual Meeting is fantastic chance to meet and mingle with thousands of WI members from all over the country, having fun and sharing ideas. There are also always top-notch speakers for the day, not to mention the fact that you’ll hear all the latest WI news from the NFWI Chair and other Trustees. It’s an invaluable insight into how the WI works. You’ll also have the privilege of carrying resolution votes from the WIs you’ll be representing through the linking list.

All the delegates will travel to London together on the coach which, though a long journey, is always great fun, full of excitement and anticipation! 

In 2024, the meeting is in London, which will afford you wonderful opportunities on the night before the Annual Meeting – go out for a meal or book tickets for a show!

Please remember that after 2024, there will not be another face-to-face Annual Meeting until 2027. Beginning in 2025, NFWI will begin a continuous three-year cycle, that will include two consecutive meetings that will offer online participation only, followed by one in-person meeting at a larger venue, allowing members to join both in-person and online. 

So, if it’s your WI’s turn, please do take advantage of the chance to put yourself forward as a delegate to attend the 2024 meeting at such a special venue!

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