Not the Annual Meeting

Thank you to all of our WI members who logged in and joined us for our virtual Annual Meeting yesterday!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that our guest speaker, Sarah Slater, was excellent. There were lots of laughs and quite a few shocked expressions during her talk!

We had hoped to be able to record the entire meeting and to make it available for members to view. Unfortunately, our technical abilities were not up to it, and I’m sorry to say there is no recording.

We also encountered a few technical glitches which meant that some of you may not have been able to hear our pre-recorded sub-committee presentations very clearly. Much of this was down to members not muting themselves during the meeting. We did mute all attendees, but some were still able to unmute themselves!

So we are including our sub-committee videos here for you to listen to and watch again.

First you’ll from Kathy Reed of Membership Support, Sandra Buck of Activities & Leisure and Fran Winsor of Exhibitions:

And then, we heard from four members of our Environment & Public Affairs sub-committee: Julia Havard, Pat Paxton, Jude Wood and Pippa Stilwell.

And here is Karrie Skaife of St Mary’s Isles of Scilly WI reciting her beautiful Blaikley Salver competition winning poem, ‘Please Could I Borrow a Spade’:

Finally, we’d also like to share with you the meeting’s opening Jerusalem photo montage. Perhaps you can spot yourself in one of the  photos!



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  1. Well done and thanks to Janet for sharing her photos. Now we have a record of Sarah’s talk, not that we are likely to forget it in a hurry! She was delightful.
    The videos of the sub-committee members will help greatly with my report.
    Well done Helen for the montage.

    Thanks all.

    From Sandy Adcock

  2. Please can this be published somewhere other than on face book and the website. I need it in a printable version so I can send it to my members who are not on line.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by ‘printable’. Videos cannot be printable. Can they? As for the text, you can copy and paste into a Word document and then print it for your members.

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