Tin Can Papercraft for Porthleven WI

Porthleven Public Hall was packed with WI members last Wednesday for Madhu Greet’s paper crafting evening. Madhu had intrigued the group by asking them to bring empty tin cans and sharp scissors. The much-anticipated demonstration showed how to make a folk art style storage pot using tissue paper and glue. Much laughter followed as the women tried to recreate her style, but there was a wide range of pots by the end of the evening.

Madhu judged the monthly competition, ‘Bring something Orange’, and members shared some delicious cakes with their coffees.

There is lots going on in Porthleven this autumn: cinema trips, yoga, book club, sea swimming, walks and much more.

New members are always welcome. Porthleven WI meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

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